Kate Gosselin Allegedly Screws Over Former BFF Over Book Deal

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Beth Carson, Kate Gosselin’s former best friend who used to help care for Gosselin's children, is talking about her estranged relationship with the matriarch of the reality TV series Jon & Kate Plus 8. Carson says she collaborated with Gosselin on her memoir, Million Little Blessings. Things soon soured between the two when it came to splitting the proceeds from the book. After “doing all the writing,” Carson claims Gosselin tried to prevent her from being paid. Carson then hired a lawyer to help her out, which prompted Gosselin to end their friendship.

According to Carson, Gosselin’s priorities turned to fame and fortune, while she and other former friends of the family were trying to help because they were concerned about the Gosselin children’s welfare. “Once it stopped being about the kids, and turned to fame and money, I was out. I really truly just wanted the kids to have what they needed. It was a really easy decision for me once it stopped being about the kids to say, ‘I’m out,’” said Carson.

Gosselin’s friend says she stayed with her all throughout the show and saw her through the messy divorce with Jon. Carson even appeared on several episodes of the hit show on TLC. Although she doesn’t agree with her methods, Carson thinks that Gosselin is trying to take care of her children in the best way she can. She said, “You can’t take away from what she’s accomplished with having eight children fed and clothed, but maybe there’s a different way to go about it.”

Carson is also pointing fingers at society and the show’s fans for turning Gosselin into the fame monster that she’s seen as today. She believes that everyone who tuned in to the show “fed the fire,” and therefore can’t turn around and criticize Gosselin for her actions.

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