Kate Gosselin Admits She Cries Behind Closed Doors

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Kate Gosselin has finally admitted that she is not superwoman. Although she tries to always be in control and put up a tough front, she says that she has her breakdowns from time to time just like everyone else, over her situation as a single mother to eight children.

"I'm one of many single moms out there. It's not ideal. On a very busy day where the logistics aren't lining up – I have to be here to pick this kid up and I have to be there to do whatever, that happens so often now I can't even tell you," Kate can be seen saying on a clip from the TLC's two-part Kate Plus Eight special, scheduled to air on Thursday, June 26.

"It's really easy to feel like just saying, 'It's too much. There's me and there's eight kids,'" Kate added. "I don't think an hour goes by that I'm not reminded that those odds are completely unbalanced."

Having eight kids would be hard for anyone, but Kate used to make it look so easy. Back in the days when she and Jon Gosselin were still together, documenting their lives on Jon and Kate Plus 8, Kate seemed like she was in fact superwoman. She was able to balance all eight kids seemingly with ease. However, she says it isn't as easy as it looks.

"It was never my intent to portray myself as superwoman," Kate admits. "I mean, I cry behind closed doors, I struggle. But I have to remind myself, this is my one shot. You're going to mess up. Just don't give up."

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