Kate Gosselin Accused of Spanking Again

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Kate Gosselin has eight kids. Not many people could handle eight kids. The first thing that it takes is money. Fortunately, Kate Gosselin has plenty of money from her television ventures where she lets people sit at home watching her raise her kids.

The harried mother has seen her share of bad press and tabloid headlines. There was the divorce from husband Jon. She planned a TV show with Paula Deen, but was nixed by executives who said she was “too controversial.” Little did they know about Deen’s own future issues.

Now comes the book “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World”. In it, the author has gotten his hands on some of Gosselin’s private journals and reveals their contents to the paying public.

The book talks about behind-the-scenes issues in the filming of Gosselin’s reality television shows, including some tidbits about how the crew were treated. One such “treatment” was Gosselin’s rule that her home address never be mentioned on the show. Other rules included no smoking or drinking on her property, limit of crew use to one bathroom, shutting doors and removing shoes. These are all pretty par for the course for any parent.

But the book also recounts multiple times that Kate Gosselin spanked her children, as revealed in her private journals.

“The kids were outside playing and Collin poured some beans on the floor and was sent inside. He didn’t like that so he knocked down some highchairs in the kitchen and that set Kate off,” the book details. “Kate said that she was instantly so angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard!”

This same author once told a tabloid site that Gosselin uses a wooden spoon to spank her kids. He submitted a photo of the spoon as supposed proof that she did this.

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