Kate Del Castillo Will Proceed With Netflix Project Despite Receiving Negative Press

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After receiving negative press in the past few months due to her involvement with Mexican narco kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Kate del Castillo continues to gain the support of Netflix as she’s set to star in an original series.

Despite the not-so-favorable attention brought about by the controversial interview that del Castillo mediated between actor Sean Penn and El Chapo, Netflix is staying loyal to the Mexican actress. El Chapo’s arrest early this year after his second escape came days after Sean Penn published an article about the drug lord for Rolling Stone magazine.

The Netflix original series entitled Ingobernable stars Kate del Castillo as first lady of Mexico. Netflix’s director of communications for Latin America, Kari Perez said that production will start this year.

The producers of Ingobernable also had nothing but praises for Kate del Castillo, saying that her past roles redefined what a female character should be in Hispanic television. Netflix Vice President for Local Originals Erick Barmack also revealed that the Spanish-language series will be shown in Mexico.

The actress also recently revealed in an interview with CNN that she fears the Mexican government. She says, “they have the power to manipulate and do things.” She further revealed that she doesn’t fear the cartel, El Chapo, or his people.  She says she is more afraid of the Mexican government, noting how they’ve "destroyed" her for months now.

Kate del Castillo claims that the leaked text messages exchanged between her and El Chapo were taken out of context and was made to look like she was having an affair with him.

Despite the threat, the actress has reiterated that she will still produce a biopic about the life of the drug lord once she resolves her legal woes.

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