Kate Del Castillo: Sean Penn Lied About The 'Rolling Stone' Interview

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Kate del Castillo, the Mexican actress who arranged the covert meeting between Sinaloa drug lord El Chapo and award-winning actor Sean Penn, is mad about Penn’s Rolling Stone article as she reportedly had no idea the actor was planning to publish his meeting with the fugitive.

Del Castillo was said to have set up the meeting between Penn and Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, believing they were about to discuss a movie about the drug lord’s life. However, Penn surprised the Mexican star when he told her that they came to do an interview with her, multiple sources close to the Mexican actress said.

El Chapo’s lawyer’s allegedly contacted the actress because the drug kingpin wanted to discuss a possible movie project about his life. Kate del Castillo invited two film directors and one of them allegedly contacted Penn to join them. Del Castillo thought Penn could help so she agreed to include the actor and let him meet the fugitive.

Prior to the meeting, Rolling Stone reportedly gave Penn and the two other filmmakers a letter that made their assignment official. This gave the three men immunity from any legal consequences as they were acting as journalists. However, the letter excluded del Castillo.

Del Castillo said she felt betrayed by Penn and that she was put in danger because of the surprise interview.

Sources close to Sean Penn claimed that del Castillo knew about the interview and the actor had allegedly informed her about his plans before they met the sought-after drug lord.

The article about El Chapo was published the day after the Mexican drug leader was recaptured by the authorities. Their meeting with the Sinaloa cartel leader was essential in tracking the kingpin’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government stated that it has no plans to investigate Sean Penn, Kate del Castillo, and the two filmmakers, but would be probing into the circumstances of the secret meeting.

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