Kate Bosworth Shares Highlight Of Her Year

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Kate Bosworth has a lot going on right now. She recently partnered with Matisse to release a new shoe line and has also been modeling and acting.

She talked about her shoe line with E! Online and said that she is excited about having a chance to express her creativity and see other people enjoy the things she has designed.

“I have always been attracted to fashion that is transitional, meaning designs that carry a woman from season to season, from day to night. That was a significant part of the thought process for this collection. I wanted to think about footwear that is directional and also comfortable. This is also very much in line with the Matisse customer: You can wear the “Charlotte” star boots with jeans for a more casual, classical approach or pair them with a skirt or dress for a trendier look,” she said according to E! News.

“I feel footwear should be able to transcend one look—it should also be functional in a sense that a woman can wear a style in many different ways. This is the type of footwear that exists in my own wardrobe, items that I feel confident investing in,” she added.

You might think that would be the highlight of her year, but Bosworth says there is something even more exciting and special than her shoe line.

She said the one thing that tops her shoe line is the amount of work she has been getting lately and the people she has gotten a chance to work with.

“I’m feeling blessed with so much work!,” said Bosworth. “I just wrapped two films back to back: Life on the Line with John Travolta and Bus 657 with Robert De Niro. It doesn’t get better than these greats and I felt fortunate for every moment to learn from them.”

Bosworth hopes that 2015 will hold as many special moments and opportunities as 2014 and is looking forward to seeing how well her films and shoes do.

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