Kat Von D Vents At Reporters After Tattoo Shop Burns

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Kat Von D had the displeasure of showing up to her tattoo parlor, High Voltage in west Hollywood, to sift through the damage caused by a fire early Thursday morning.

The famed tattoo artist and star of L.A. Ink was clearly not in the mood for cameras in her face.

Kat Von D is known for her brash behavior, and reporters crowding around for an interview after her traumatic experience brought out the worst in her.

She told reporters, "You guys want a f***ing interview, seriously? You guys, come on. Have some f***ing respect. Seriously, do you feel better about yourself? Oh yeah, get the lens, you f***ing idiot."

Kat Von D then proceeded to knock a camerawoman's hat off.

When a reporter dared to ask her if she knew what started the fire, Kat Von D responded, "Dude, you guys are awful. Your mother should be embarrassed."

Kat Von D also clawed at a woman's head and repeatedly pushed cameras and people back from her.

The fire at Kat Von D's tattoo parlor was reported around 4 a.m. in the 1200 block of North La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, according to Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Brian Jordan.

The blaze was fought by 50 firefighters, who also did their best to remove valuable items from Kat Von D's tattoo parlor, as well as a neighboring shop, before they could be damaged.

I secretly really only hang out w @ndrewstuart to make out with his dog, Voltron.

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Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that Kat Von D's life has been turned upside-down by a fire. Back in 2010, her home was severely damaged by a fire that also killed her beloved cat.

Investigation is still underway into the cause of the fire that destroyed Kat Von D's tattoo parlor.

What do you think? Was Kat Von D rightfully angry at reporters trying to get a scoop after a traumatic incident or did she overreact?

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