Kat Von D 'Underage Red' Lipstick: Fans Weigh In

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Kat Von D's "Underage Red" lipstick sold through Sephora caused quite a stink in the press last week. Apparently some people have their panties all in a wad about the name, saying that it refers to underage sex.

Kat Von D is not stranger to controversy, and uses cult favorite names and labels on her products through Sephora, including such color shades as:

La Femme
Backstage Bambi

Her appeal to people who identify with her tastes, her tattoo culture, her choices in music, etc. is what brings them to Sephora to purchase her signature line of products.

But the "Underage Red" name is becoming a scandal that Sephora may need to distance itself from.

But how does the public feel about this "scandal"?

When the Facebook post above was put up, some expressed understanding that the name may ave been a poor choice.

"There's a huge problem with this name to me.....idk how people don't see it."

"Seriously, some corporate suit thought this was a good name??!"

"I sometimes wonder if the people making decisions have been huffing paint all day. There is no circumstance where this name would be acceptable. Common sense doesn't seem very common these days..."

Some took it in stride, with tongue firmly in cheek.

"What confuses me is...what's the difference between "underage red" and "of age red"? Lol"

But the vast majority of respondents thought that this was a case of political correctness run amok.

"Over a lipstick name, really. Lol this is so ridiculous.... people need to calm their tits....
There are more important things to worry about then a name of a lipstick..."

"People need to chill out."

"Wow. More PC bullcrap. It's just a name people, quit looking into something that isn't there."

"O-M-G!!! When are people going to stop taking every little thing so seriously??? If an older woman or young girl buys it & wears it, does that mean she's TRYING to act on being younger or older?!? Isn't that what makeup is supposed to be about anyway, changing your appearance?? Such a dumb thing to get upset about. Some people really need to get a life."

"Oh no! Well I have a blush by Pür Minerals called Kinky. How many morons, who obviously have too much time on their hands, want to get all bent out of shape over it?"

"LOL, this is the lipstick color I had on Saturday night!"

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