Kat Von D 'Underage Red' Lipstick Causing an Uproar

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Kat Von D is catching hell over the name of a lipstick.

Kat Von D has built a career around being noticeable and sometimes controversial. While her rise to fame in the eyes of most Americans was due to her time on the TLC reality television show Miami Ink -- and which she was asked to leave due to a falling out with another artist on the show -- and then later on her won tattoos show LA Ink.

But the artist formerly known as Katherine von Drachenberg has seen her star continue to rise due to other bits of tabloid fun.

Kat Von D dated Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx for about four years. But it was her relationship with reality TV personality and motorcycle customizer Jesse James that saw her first touch with a bit of widespread scandal.

Kat Von D's relationship with Jesse James came hot on the heels of his split with actress Sandra Bullock over allegations of his own infidelity. Given Bullock's long-standing popularity and recurring rise, James was excoriated in the media. Kat Von D's relationship with him was, at best, poorly timed.

But Kat Von D still landed a deal with Sephora make-up distributors. She has developed and sold makeup products through Sephora that hearken to her outlaw image and reputation. Her products have such names as Studded Kiss Lipstick, with color names like "Countess" and "Sexer".

But now Sephora and Kat Von D are coming under fire for the name of one of her lipstick colors: Underage Red.

While some has expressed chagrin at a name that seems to wink at the idea of underage sex, Kat Von D also has a color in her palette called "Lolita". No word on whether anyone cares.

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