Kat Dennings Talks About Kim Kardashian's "Amazing" Backside

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Kat Dennings made an appearance on Ellen earlier this week to promote her hit show 2 Broke Girls, but she ended up talking more about Kim Kardashian's inspirational booty than anything else.

Dennings said she didn't know what to expect when she met the infamous Kardashian sister--who guest-starred on the sitcom for the new season's premiere--but was pleasantly surprised to find her sweet and charming. More than that, her physical assets were so impressive to the actress and her costar Beth Behrs that she couldn't stop staring.

"I am all for feminism, girl power....but I was just so in love with her ass!" she said.

Dennings, who called Kardashian's backside "amazing", also talked a little about her relationship with singer Josh Groban, who was introduced to her by Behrs.

"He's very witty on the Twitter and I saw his little tweets...and sometimes we would tweet back and forth. But, yeah she's always talked about how great he is. They've been friends for years. And she thought we were both, you know, nerds. So there, she was right," she said.

Speaking of Kardashian's famous derriere, she made headlines earlier this week for her choice of attire while out shopping with husband Kanye West: tight, ripped up denim shorts and a backless white top. The couple were out to the movies for the afternoon.

Amanda Crum
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