Kasem's Kids File for Control of His Health Care

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The three adult children of radio host Casey Kasem have filed a legal petition to gain control of his health care, after unsuccessfully staging a protest outside of the former radio host's Los Angeles mansion on October 1, in an attempt to convince their step-mother Jean to let them see him.

The petition states that Kasem is suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease, and is being isolated from his friends, family members and children, by his wife. The filing for conservatorship was submitted by Julie, Kerri and Mike Kasem, and says that Jean refuses to reveal the name of Casey's primary care physician.

Kemal Amin "Casey" Kasem, 81, is known for hosting the nationally syndicated Top 40 countdown show "American Top 40" and for voicing the character Shaggy in the Saturday morning cartoon franchise Scooby-Doo.

Daughter Julie Kasem, who has a master's in medicine, along with her husband Dr. Jamil Aboulhosn, showed papers signed by Casey himself in 2007, which granted them the power of attorney over is health care, if a situation arose to where he couldn't make any decisions himself. Still, former actress Jean, the former radio show host's wife of 30 years, won't even let his kids near him.

The petition also suggests that Kasem might be suffering from early-onset Parkinson's dementia, adding that "The proposed conservatee has the ability to shuffle short distances, but is mainly bedridden and requires the assistance of a wheelchair to move any distance," the court papers state.

Court documents also reveal that Julie Kasem has extensive experience in caring for elderly patients, and worked for five years caring for terminally ill veterans. Her husband is cardiovascular doctor. Attorney Andrew N. Katzenstein, hired by the Kasem children, has no comment.

All three elder Kasem children admit that they haven’t had the best relationship with Jean, and Julie states, “I don’t want any of his money, I don’t want his estate, I don’t want anything - I simply want to see my father on a regular basis . . . give him a hug, hold his hand, give him a massage, put a smile on his face. It’s that simple.”

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