Kardashian Baby Names Discussed on Leno


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Reality TV actress and amateur porn star Kim Kardashian's pregnancy has been the subject of much speculation these past few weeks. In particular, the rumor that the baby's father, R&B star Kanye West, might name the baby "North" has enthralled the tabloid media.

This week, Kardashian went on The Tonight Show to promote Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She and Jay Leno, of course, spoke about her pregnancy, which Kardashian revealed was a "pleasant surprise" that "wasn't really planned."

She goes on to say that she has a list of baby names, and that some of them don't start with a k. Kardashian then emphatically shot down the "North West" rumor, stating that North is not a name on the couple's list. However, she followed up by suggesting that another joke name, "Easton," might actually be suitable.