Kardashian Baby Name Changes Direction

Amanda CrumLife

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have kept a low profile since Kardashian gave birth to their daughter over the weekend; the baby was five weeks early, but the family says she's healthy and Kim is doing well.

However, a while back, the news of what the baby will be called was "leaked": North. As in, North West. The name was Kim's idea, apparently. But then a source said the baby was officially being called Kaidence Donda; Kaidence, a musical term, and Donda was Kanye's late mother's name. It makes sense. It starts with a K. It's perfect.

Now a source at TMZ says they have seen the birth certificate, and it does indeed give the baby's first name as North.

"She has black straight hair! Lots of it!" a friend of the family's said. "Looks like a mix of both of them, but more like Kim. She's adorable!"

Apparently, the proud parents will call her "Nori" for short.

Amanda Crum
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