Kanye West Responds To Faux Interview, Mandela Quote

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Kanye West took to Twitter this week to set the record straight about an interview that ran in The Daily Currant, which "quoted" him as saying some pretty outrageous things about recently departed former South African president Nelson Mandela.

The satirical news source (think The Onion) claimed on Friday that West had boasted about his accomplishments in comparison to Mandela's.

"I am the next Nelson Mandela," West responded. "I'm only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I've accomplished, it's the only comparison that makes any sense. By the time I'm 95, I'm going to be a bigger hero than he ever was. Nelson Mandela did a lot of good work, don't get me wrong. But I think I'm on track to do something even bigger. I liberate minds with my music. That's more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever. Not to say Mandela wasn't for real. I have mad respect. I just think we need to keep things in perspective here. Anyone can be replaced. And I think I'm well on my way towards being the next great black leader. I'm already worshiped around the world. And there's more to come."

Of course, the sad part is that it was so believable, tons of people thought it was true. A wave of backlash found West, and he jumped on Twitter to defend himself.

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