Kanye West Drops New Album Title On Twitter

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Kanye West tweeted out his new album title on Saturday evening.

In series of tweets, Kanye introduced his new album.

Kanye West started with a tweet that read, "New Album title....", then "So Help Me God", which we can assume is the title of his new album, not an assurance of his intention to release said album title.


This new revelation from Kanye West comes after simultaneous apologies to Beck and Bruno Mars, both of whom he has insulted in recent history, probably among many others.

However, as a big fan of Beck's, these apologies don't seem...I don't know...sincere. At all.

I could be wrong and I don't want to downgrade a rare apology from Kanye West. So, I guess I will leave it up to Beck and Bruno Mars to accept.

It certainly seems like Kanye West has found success in apologizing to Taylor Swift, since that's who he was with when he decided to apologize to Beck.

In an interview with BBC 1 Radio, Kanye West admits that Beck is pretty amazing, after all.

He said, "I was ironically having dinner with Taylor Swift [and] the Beck song starts playing, and I was like, 'Wow, this is really good; maybe I might've been wrong.'"

Kanye West's "maybe" and "might have" don't reek of regret, but in Kanye's case, that's probably as good as it gets.

What do you think about Kanye West's new album title and his (pseudo) apologies?

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