Kansas City Has A 22 Story Pong Display Set Up For Plaza Lights

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Every year, Kansas City hold Plaza Lights to ring in the holidays. The event draws people from all over the state to check out the lighting of the, well, lights. It's always a sight to behold, but this year's event got a little interactive.

The side of the Marriot hotel in Kansas City was home to a massive Pong display that took up the entirety of the 22 story building. It's more of an art installation, but it's super cool nonetheless.

It's rare to actually see these kind of installations on such a large scale. The best we normally get is with projects like Pumpktris. That being said, there have been other large recreations of classic games on the sides of buildings.

Some engineers at MIT recreated Tetris on the side of the campus' Green Building earlier this year. It's apparently harder to play than it looks due to the increased size of the playing board.

Classic mobile game Snake also received the colossal treatment when it was displayed on the side of the building. It might be the most impressive of the bunch due to the game having to constantly keep adding lights to its sequence as the snake grows longer.

[h/t: Invert-On]

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