Kandi Burruss Talks Cynthia’s Temper, More RHOA Drama

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Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey have been friends for a while and like a good friend, Kandi defends Cynthia whenever she thinks she is being bullied or treated unfairly.

On a recent episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Cynthia got into an argument with Porsha Williams. As usual, Cynthia seemed pretty aggressive during the argument and came out looking like the bad guy.

Kandi said that she thinks Cynthia was just misunderstood, as she often is during arguments. She claims that Cynthia gets very defensive and is quick to anger, causing her to lash out and say things that are out of line.

“Cynthia is a sweet person, but I think people have called her a follower and have taken her kindness for weakness for so long that she just wants to let everybody know that she’s not weak. Therefore every time she feels the slightest bit of disrespect, she goes overboard trying to put that person in check. Now she comes off as this mean girl. It’s like she can’t win for losing — if she’s too nice, she’s weak, and if she’s too aggressive, she’s a b*tch,” Burruss revealed about her friend Cynthia.

Cynthia’s bad attitude has cost her some friendships in the past and Ne Ne Leakes recently talked about her issues with Cynthia on the show while at the spa with Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams.

"When we stopped talking, I missed her friendship," Leakes said of Bailey about their reunion fight. "Now I'm over it. Cynthia is trying to make her mark. It really doesn't look cute on her. I'm never gonna be friends with her again. Ever!"

What do you think Cynthia needs to do to be understood better and to be able to speak her mind without losing friends?

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