Kandi Burruss Pulls a Chicken Van Halen

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss made news yet again recently when she and her husband, Todd Tucker, announced that they have landed a big production deal with Theatrical Works Live. The deal was a multi-million dollar bonanza for Burruss that would allow her to take her play A Mother’s Love on tour.

“I’m excited to be able to partner with the amazing team at Theatrical Works Live to take A Mother’s Love on the road,” Burruss announced.

“We worked extremely hard on our initial run of the show in Atlanta, and to be able to take it on the road and share it with people across the United States, is a feeling that is beyond words.”

What seems to be raising more interest lately than the quality of the on-stage production of A Mother’s Love is the action backstage. Apparently Burruss is quite demanding when it comes to what she has backstage, and has a contract rider that is very specific.

For example, the rider states that there has to be fried chicken in her dressing room. And not just any chicken — Popeye’s fried chicken. And don’t try slipping in any of the Colonel’s secret recipe, either. “Please do not substitute for KFC or Churches,” the contract states. “We know the difference.” However, though Burruss turns her nose up at KFC’s meat, she insists on their slaw.

Other such demands include:

- having a brand new toilet seat installed while her road manager or assistant looks on
- an ample supply of Cottonelle toilet paper
- plenty of Dove soap
- a police escort to and from the venue
- a black Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Other stars have had famous contract riders, but the most famous by far was for Van Halen. For a long time it seemed to be urban legend that the band insisted on a glass bowl of M&Ms candies waiting for them backstage, but with all the brown M&Ms removed. Without that item, the band would not go on stage.

But it turns out that the Van Halen rumor was true. Was it because they were divas? Hardly. The band says they had run into safety nightmares early in their career because their equipment needs specified in their contracts were not read through. So they buried little insistent items like the M&Ms in their contracts as a test to make sure venue and union management had read everything. If they arrived and saw no M&Ms, they knew it was likely that something had been skipped.

Burruss’ tour begins September 4 in Columbus, GA.

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