Kandi Burruss of 'Real Housewives' Set to Star in 'Meet the Tuckers' With Hubby Todd Tucker

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Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and husband Todd Tucker have reportedly signed a deal for a new Bravo spin-off called Meet the Tuckers.

The reports seem to be confirmed after Kandi Burruss posted a selfie on her Instagram account, with the reality star sitting in hair and makeup with the caption, “Interview day for another show!” However, that post has since been deleted.

Bravo has not confirmed rumors of the new series.

The spin-off will follow the Tuckers through their daily life as they deal with the pressures of building their own production company and handle some much-publicized family drama that seems to follow the couple wherever they go, which should please some fans.

A perfect example of the drama fans can expect from the new series is a recent incident that happened on Real Housewives when a frustrated Kandi Burruss broke down as she faced her marital fears. In one episode, Kandi Burruss and Tucker are seen in a marriage counseling session, in which the couple share with the world their intimacy issues, due, which led Burruss to question her husband's faithfulness.

“The sex life done went downhill. I don’t know what happened. For a second, I was like ‘Are you cheating out there in LA? Like what is going on?” Burruss told the counselor.

According to Todd Tucker, the issues stem from a prenup that turned out to be a big turnoff for Tucker.

“I think there was a lot of change with the prenup,” he told their counselor. “It was just how it was dealt with. It was real dry. It was like she had no feelings. It wasn’t like, ‘I want to marry you, let’s talk this out, let’s figure it out.'”

Pam Wright