Kaley Cuoco Talks Nude Leaks, Twitter Humor on Jimmy Kimmel


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The furor surrounding the massive celebrity nude photo leak of a few weeks ago seems to have finally died down. Legal consequences could still be forthcoming for those who originally released the photos, but for the women involved business seems to have returned to normal.

Take Kaley Cuoco, for instance. The Big Bang Theory star was one of the more famous women to have her nude photos leaked last month, along with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. While other celebrities were busy threatening the alleged iCloud hackers with lawsuits, Cuoco used a tactic that is far more likely to make a difference on the internet: humor.

Soon after the photos leaked Cuoco posted a now-famous photo to her Instagram account. The pic showed her on a Mexican beach with her top half pixelated, suggesting that she was topless.

Since that time Cuoco has continued to remain in good spirits about the whole ordeal. The actress was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and the show's tactful host, of course, brought up the nude pic scandal.

Cuoco took the issue head-on, admitting that some of the leaked photos were actually her nude selfies. She stated that for years she had seen fake nudes of herself on the internet, and that seeing the real ones posted was a surprise.

Cuoco quickly contacted her family via email to clear up the matter. She tells Kimmel that the email allowed her to confirm the photo leak to her loved ones while still correcting other tabloid rumors about divorce and pregnancy.

Just as she did with the joke photo she posted on Instagram, Cuoco seems to have successfully played down the significance of having nude photos on the internet. In a world where photo sharing, nude selfies, and hacking are all common that may be a tactic more celebrities will have to embrace in the near future.

"It was just a really bad situation," said Cuoco. "But I took it in my own hands and made a joke about it because, you know, what are you gonna do?"