Kaitlyn Bristowe: "I Don't Want Anyone's Feelings To Get Hurt"

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Kaitlyn Bristowe was kind enough to give us a glimpse of just what was going on inside her head during the opening show for this season's Bachelorette.

By invitation, Kaitlyn Bristowe composed a blog entry for People, detailing her experience meeting the bachelors for the first time.

Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed that she (sort of) had a strategy to win over the guys who would ultimately decide her fate on the show.

She said, "Laugh, be sincere and make the guys feel comfortable. And, to be honest, once the first limo pulled up and I accepted the awkward situation, we did have some fun! I would look over at Britt, and we would giggle. The guys were more nervous than we were, which took the pressure off!"

Kaitlyn Bristowe also gave a little insight into why she seemed to be trying to "cheat" when she ran inside the house with the guys and left Britt outside waiting for the rest of the limos.

It's about to get real. Real quick. 4 days #thebachelorette

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She said, "And just to go back to my strategy for a second … when I ran inside to say hi to the guys, I wasn't trying to be unfair or discourteous. That was never a game plan or strategy. It was meant to be a sweet gesture. We were waiting for another limo, and it was a few minutes late."

She continued, " I heard all the guys inside laughing and having fun, and I had a split second of FOMO (fear of missing out). I wanted to just run in, say hi and tell them how great they were. I remember that night being so long with Chris Soules and thinking how nice it would be for him to run in and just say hi! Sorry if that felt rude, Britt!!"

I don't know, that seemed like a very calculated bit of strategy.

What do you think? Whose box would you put your rose in? Kaitlyn Bristowe's or Britt Nilsson's?

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