Justin Bieber's Limo Searched: Pot, Pipes Found


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Justin Bieber almost found himself in trouble with the law again, but this time he was not arrested. Bieber and his friends were having some fun in Georgia Tuesday night, but their good time got cut short when Bieber's limo was searched by police.

The police noticed a camera inside the limo that had been reported stolen earlier in the evening by a reporter. They proceeded to search the vehicle and found illegal drugs and paraphernalia. The amount of pot found inside the limo was small, and the police decided not to press drug charges on Bieber or any of his party pals.

"Less than an ounce of suspected marijuana and two large glass smoking pipes containing suspected marijuana residue were found inside the vehicle," the investigation report by a Sandy Springs, Georgia, police officer said. "Due to the small amount, no charges were filed related to the marijuana."

Bieber's bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, was arrested on a felony theft charge. The camera that Hensy has been accused of stealing belonged to Jason Winslow, a Miami-based photographer who sells his images through the Splash photo agency. Winslow admitted to following Bieber and waiting for him outside a family fun center in Georgia.

When Bieber and his friends exited the center, Winslow began taking pictures and Hesny asked him to stop. When Winslow refused to stop, Bieber, Hesny and the rest of the crew chased him down. Once Winslow stopped, Hesny took the camera and put it inside the limo.

Hesny admitted to police that he had chased Winslow and taken his camera but claimed that he did not plan to keep it and was going to delete the photos and return it to him. The driver of the limo was also arrested.

Bieber and his friends didn't let the arrests of the bodyguard and driver get them down or stop them from having fun in Georgia. Bieber continued to enjoy some attractions and even posted photos on his Instagram account the day after the arrests. Hopefully Bieber can stay out of trouble while in Georgia, but with his 20th birthday coming up, it just might not be possible.

What do you think of Bieber's latest run-ins with the law?

Image via Wikimedia Commons