Justin Bieber's Birthday Brings Out The Creepers On Conan

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Whatever you think about Justin Bieber, his music, or his enthusiastic fans, you've gotta hand it to the guy - he's pretty much won the internet. Sure, there is plenty of anti-Bieber sentiment out there, but you can't deny the force of this guy on the interwebs. He's just a few followers shy of 18 million on Twitter, and every little thing he does becomes a trending topic on the site. He's got a couple of the most-watched videos of all time on YouTube and according to Bing, he was the most-searched person of 2011, edging out the forever search-worthy Kim Kardashian.

And Thursday was his 18th birthday.

As you can imagine (or probably witnessed firsthand if you were online much yesterday), many of the social channels like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook were flooded with Bieber love. One popular way that fans expressed their Bieber fever was through Happy Birthday YouTube videos - and there are hundreds of them.

Conan O'Brien noticed this, and set out to compile his favorite video tributes to Bieber, now that he's "legal." It turns out, Bieber has some interesting fans who have really been waiting for this moment. Check it out below:

For some reason, I have a feeling that not everything in that video was entirely accurate. Even so, I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of people happy that Bieber finally turned 18...

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