Justin Bieber's Arrest A Sign Of Bad Things To Come?

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It seems like Justin Bieber is headed down the wrong path. He has been in trouble with the law several times this month and now he has been arrested for drinking under the influence and street racing. Is Justin just feeling rebellious lately or are his actions and recent arrest a sign of more bad things to come for the young singer?

For many young celebrities, legal issues are only the beginning. Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was arrested for numerous things, including setting a fire, throwing a bong out a window, drug possession and two hit and runs. Other young stars like Lindsay Lohan have had similar run-ins with the law, including DUI's and drug possession charges.

Being a young celebrity can be demanding and while some are better at hiding their problems than others, eventually it all comes out. Child star Demi Lovato seemed to have her life together but recently finished a stint in rehab and admitted to being addicted to drugs and alcohol. While Demi Lovato doesn't have an arrest record, she may have been one of the lucky ones who got help before she went to jail.

Justin has been acting out a lot lately. Aside from his recent DUI arrest in Miami, Justin has also been in trouble with the law in his own city. He was recently accused of egging his neighbors home. When police searched Justin's home for evidence, they claimed to have found drugs in plain sight. One of Justin's friends was arrested for suspicion of possession. If Justin is found guilty of the egging, he could be charged with felony vandalism.

Justin has been accused of several other bad behaviors as well, but has not been charged for them. He allegedly kicked a photographer and spit in his neighbors face. He is also being sued by his previous bodyguard who claims that Justin abused him verbally and physically.

Could Justin be crying out for help or is he just a spoiled celebrity that thinks he can do whatever he wants? It's safe to say that if he continues down the path he is on, he will likely be doing his own stint in rehab in the near future or dealing with more severe problems.

Do you think Justin needs help or is he just being a spoiled brat?

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