Justin Bieber Was Apparently Always A Douchebag

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There are so many reasons to be annoyed with Justin Bieber's entire existence, but leave it to the pop idol himself to add one more.

And boooooy is it a doozy!

London magazine The Sun got a hold of and recently released a video of Justin Bieber making racist jokes.

I don't mean the sort of "you could argue he didn't know any better" variety of racist humor. Oh no, Justin Bieber went for gold in the Idiot Olympics.

The obnoxious teen said to a friend (off screen),

“Why are black people afraid of chain saws?"

The person responds by trying to tell Bieber not to give the answer. Of course, the "Baby" singer elected to ignore the warning.

The punchine?

Chain saws sound like, "“Run n****er, n****er, n****er, n****er, n****er.”

It's not confirmed, but some are saying the female laughter heard at the not-so-funny joke is none other than Bieber's own mother.

If so, it's absolute proof the apple never falls too far from the tree.

The first part of the video features a punchline to another "joke" about Father's day and black people.

It must be said this proof enough that Bieber's apparent evolution into an annoying douchebag was no evolution at all.

Instead, what we've witnessed is nothing more than the sound of the mask hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

Beneath the mask was someone who should have never been allowed to leave YouTube, let alone amass a following of impressionable youngsters.

His young fan base should by now be realizing Bieber was never someone worth their time and money. Of course, there are always those less intelligent and ignorant fangirls who will cling to their favorite artist no matter how sleezy he reveals himself to be.

To this group of fans I can only say this: Let him go.

As you grow and mature into adults who will disavow ever having been a fan of his, you'll learn that there are far more important things in this world than standing up for tools like Justin Bieber.

If you can't imagine life without being crooned at by the teen pop flavor of the moment, allow me to present you with Austin Mahone.

Bieber's heartbroken fanbase, meet Austin Mahone.

Austin Mahone, meet Bieber's heartbroken fanbase.

You all play nice!

As for Bieber (and his inevitable and pathetic attempt to back pedal)...while I won't sign any petitions, I won't be sad if someone decides to send him back across the border in a Fedex package.

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