Justin Bieber Sings Diane Warren Song For Bully


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Bully is receiving a lot of attention from the media, mainly for its strong message for the "white elephant in the room" topic, its ratings, along with its interaction with Twitter and various Hollywood celebrities. This documentary (directed by Lee Hirsch) is a film that covers and elaborates on the issue of bullying in the American school system from the viewpoint of five teens who are constantly bullied on a daily basis.

To help this documentary outreach to the generation its focusing on (teens), a new trailer for Bully has emerged, featuring young teen music star Justin Bieber singing Diane Warren's "Born To Be Somebody." The trailer shows various clips and teasers from the documentary with Bieber's song performed behind it. To view this trailer, please click on the video provided below.

The PG-13 version of Bully releases tomorrow. This comes after much criticism after language concerns have arisen from the film's original release on March 30th.