Justin Bieber Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills--Or Lack Thereof--In NYC

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Though it was confusing, Justin Bieber got the crowd’s attention when he performed impromptu skateboard tricks on 6th Ave on Wednesday.

Justin Bieber skateboarded on his way to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon outside Radio City Music Hall. Bieber’s 15-minute stunt was more surprising because he was wearing his sweater halfway off  with tattered jeans, flashing his Calvin Klein underwear and showing his abs.

Though not successful on his tries to do some flips, Bieber’s fan still snapped picture of him while riding his skateboard. Justin even stopped to take a look of one fan’s picture of him.

There was speculation about him doing a Calvin Klein commercial because of the camera crew following him. Some believed he might have been doing a segment for the Tonight Show. Or it might be a promotion for Justin’s new album. All we know is Justin Bieber is obsessed with skateboards, he’s even skateboarding in the music video for his new single "What Do You Mean."

In Bieber’s performance last Sunday at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, pro-skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and a friend skated around Los Angeles for the whole song.

In Bieber’s latest music video he joins his crew to skateboard in a warehouse, but what’s more noticeable is the name 'Selena' seen spray-painted among graffiti on a wall above a ramp.

In the said video, Bieber not only gets familiar with skateboards, but also with the brunette, Xenia. The Victoria Secret model has already said they are not dating and there won’t be a chance of romance for them either.

Justin Bieber might as well stick with those skateboards then, maybe get a few pointers from his pro-skateboarding pals, so the next time he does surprise skateboarding tricks in public, he won’t fail.

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