Justin Bieber Shares Instagram Photo of Puppy Love

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Justin Bieber was long teased about his puppy love romance with Selena Gomez, but now he's enjoying some real puppy love. The 'Baby' singer has a new puppy, and he shared a photo of her on his Instagram account on Sunday night.

It wasn't so long ago that Justin Bieber was teased mercilessly during the filming of his upcoming Comedy Central roast. Do you suppose he decided he needed some puppy love to ease his pain?

Regardless of the reason behind getting a new puppy, the photo is sweet. It shows the little furry creature curled up in the crook of the Biebs's heavily tattooed arm.

"Say hello to the newest member of the bieber family #Esther," Justin Bieber captioned the post.

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Earlier on Monday, Justin noted that it was National Puppy Day, and so he shared yet another Instagram post of Esther.

"Today is randomly national puppy day," he captioned this shot, that isn't all that different from the first, making it pretty clear how Justin Bieber has spent the past couple of days.

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Justin Bieber lost his dog Sammy back in December. Perhaps he decided it was time to allow another furry friend into his heart and home.

"R.i.p Sammy, you were the best puppy ever," he captioned the following photo of a much younger Justin with his beloved pet.

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Animals can provide much love and comfort in ways non-pet owners can't even fathom. How nice that Justin Bieber has chosen this new puppy with whom to share his love.

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