Justin Bieber Has A Second Racist Video

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Will Justin Bieber ever learn?

Earlier this week the singer was in deep water over a video that showed him telling a racist joke.

The video was from five years ago, but many of his fans were still upset to see Bieber behaving so shockingly.

Many people defended Bieber and pointed out that many of his friends are African Americansand that he was very young at the time the video was made.

Bieber offered an apology to anyone he offended and said that at the time he did not realize how badly the joke and his words could hurt someone.

He also stated that he is not racist.

His apology seemed sincere, but a second video has now emerged that shows Bieber singing a song about joining the KKK. In the video, Bieber sings the racist song as a parody of One Less Lonely Girl. The second video is even more offensive than the first.

TMZ published the video and neither Bieber or his reps have offered a statement or apology. A source close to Bieber claims that the second video is no surprise and says that it shows the real Bieber and a side that the world does not usually get to see. The source also said that there could be similar videos of Bieber in existence.

"Unfortunately this is the devastating reality of how Justin has behaved and reveals his attitude toward such a deeply emotive subject," the source said.

"People need to see this. Normal kids in society do not make these kind of jokes. He is protected by a network of staff, but the camera doesn't lie. This is the real Justin."

Do you think Justin Bieber is racist and will he offer another apology for his new video?

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