Justin Bieber: Court Date Set, Deposition Released


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Things just keep getting worse for Justin Bieber and his fall from grace has been a hard one. Just a year ago Justin Bieber was a teen heartthrob, idol and young singer with a lot of potential. As fame went to his head a new side of Bieber emerged and he began to get into trouble with the law. His problems seemed to be getting progressively worse until he was arrested for driving under the influence and street racing in Miami, Florida.

Bieber will go to court for the driving under the influence charge on May 5, 2014 and has pleaded not guilty. Since it is his first DUI offense, most people thought he would get a plea deal, but that doesn't seem to be the case. According to Bieber's attorney Roy Black, there was no plea deal on the table and none had been rejected.

"All we're going to say is, we're going to prepare for a trial and that Mr. Bieber has pleaded not guilty," Black said.

While the young singer may be relieved to have the court date so soon and get it all behind him, recent video clips of a deposition he gave that is related to another case were released last week and show Bieber acting like a spoiled brat.

The deposition was given for the case pertaining to a lawsuit filed by a photographer who claims he was roughed up and threatened by one of the singer's bodyguards.

During the deposition clips, Bieber cusses at a court reporter for asking him to talk a little louder so she could hear better. Bieber seemed agitated and even bored throughout the videos and can be seen rolling his eyes and even falling asleep at one point. When he is asked questions about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, Bieber gets even more angry and even leaves the room.

His bad attitude made it almost impossible for either side to make progress and as a result, the deposition took over 4 hours to complete.

If Bieber is not able to clean up his act and lose his bad attitude, he may find himself losing fans and getting into more trouble with the law. Perhaps he is just stressed out about his May court date or maybe he really is just a spoiled celebrity.

Image via Wikimedia Commons