Juliette Lewis Has Controversial New Role

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Juliette Lewis is making a comeback with a new movie!

Kelly & Cal is about a 30-something woman who is an ex-rocker and is now trapped in the drudgery of suburbia with a strained marriage and a new baby.

She slowly forms a friendship, then an extra-marital relationship, with Cal, who is wheelchair-bound

This role is a far cry from what Juliette Lewis was formerly known for, like in Cape Fear and Natural Born Killers. Back in the 90s, Lewis had a wild side that led to scandalous relationships, crazy movie roles, and eventually, rehab.

She has since taken a long break from Hollywood to form, and tour with, her band, Juliette and the Licks.

In this way, Juliette Lewis' art sort of imitates her life.

In an interview with Salon, she said of the similarities,

"I got the script and I was totally taken with it and moved. It just seemed like a fresh perspective. I met the director, Jen McGowan, and this is her first feature. I was totally convinced that she was going to make something really special. The fact that my character has a musical past, I thought that was so funny. I’m living my rock ‘n’ roll dream. My character is more reflecting on the past."

Lewis continued, "It was really fun for me because I got to write two songs for the movie. It was so exciting for me because as a true songwriter, it’s not like I used some of my music because her style of music is nothing like mine. So I wrote a song specifically in that ’90s, lo-fi, sludgy kind of vibe. I wrote it with my first guitar player, whose name is Clint Walsh. The last song we wrote is “Change". It’s really hopeful and melancholy and a totally different style of music. To me, it’s like Kelly’s heart and soul."

Good luck to Juliette Lewis on her new role! Hopefully we'll see more of her soon!

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