Julianne Hough Gives Back With Her Blog

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Julianne Hough is giving back. Her career has been about stardom, fame, fortune, but now she is using her blog as a platform to share what works in her life with others.

“Being in the world of entertainment, as selfish as it sounds, is about me and my dreams,” Julianne Hough says. “But my blog is not so much about what I can take from the world but it’s about what I can give to the world. I want you guys to know my personal stuff and what little things and tricks I like.”

Her blog has a mission.

"I wanted to design a space where I could connect with fans and friends about the things I’m most passionate about," Julianne Hough writes. "Here we can share recipes, workout tips, talk about style, beauty and home décor. I’m especially excited to talk to you guys about things that matter most, like ways we can all be rock stars in our communities and tips to become the best versions of ourselves.

Her blog is divided into sections that cover the bases of all those things she is most passionate about.

“My stuffed peppers are so easy to make, super healthy but also super filling, which is awesome,” Hough says about a recipe she shares on her site.

“I love finding ways to be creative with chicken, fish and vegetables,” she says. “Cooking at home and putting music on and dancing in the kitchen—that’s like my favorite thing.”

“There’s been a couple times I’ve tried to get the brussels sprouts to be just perfect and crispy on the outside and definitely burnt those suckers,” Hough jokes.

Her blog is not just about food, but healthy living in general.

“I just want to eat things that are actually nutritious and nourishing for my body rather than just something that tastes good and has no nourishment,” Julianne Hough says.

She also shares beauty, home decor, and fashion tips.

“My readers really like when I do braids and hair tutorials,” Julianne Hough says. “I have to do more of those.”

It isn't just a one-way street. Hough invites comments and involvement from her readers. After one frugal beauty tip, she encouraged readers to send her more.

"Who else has a game changing beauty trick? I need to know!"

She also introduces crew members from her current tour, such as Jason Glover who is Dance Captain on the tour.

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