Juliana Margulies Live Chats on 'Good Wife' Shocker

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The Good Wife's Juliana Margulies hosted a live chat on Facebook Monday after the craziness resulting from the shocking death of Josh Charles' character, Will Gardner, on Sunday's episode.

Margulies announced her intentions to chat via Facebook at 11 a.m. Monday with a sign that read, "Join me for a Facebook chat in one hour." Literally thousands of fans posted their questions and shared their shock and grief over the surprising episode.

Margulies told Facebook fans she's known about plans to kill off Will for more than a year.

"I have known this for close to a year," said Margulies. "Josh was going to leave at the end of last season, and I was so sad about it. I begged him to stay and then asked the writers if they would be open to writing for him for 15 episodes, and somehow everyone agreed!"

Margulies said she will miss her friend and colleague.

"You can't imagine how sad we all are to lose Josh, but we have been living with this a lot longer then the audience so it's not as harsh for us at this moment," said Margulies. "Josh is one of the best actors I have ever worked with and I will miss him every day. But his death makes the character of Alicia have to move in a different direction and that is very exciting."

Margulies told fans to enjoy the coming episodes of the show and wait to see what the death will mean to the storyline.

"Thank you so much! The show will miss Will's character but if you hang in there, I think people will ultimately be happy," she posted. "It will be a springboard for Alicia to figure out what to do with her life, suddenly everything seems numb and without purpose. She reevaluates everything."

With the death of Will, the show is likely to have big changes in the future. Margulies confirms those changes.

"I love these writers. They are amazing at keeping us all on our toes and I trust the direction will be the right direction," she said in response to a question by a Facebook fan. "Aliciia is in for a big change."

She added in another reply: "Oh boy, it gets pretty sad, but then she will bounce back to warrior mode so keep watching."

According to Margulies, fans are in for an emotional ride on the next episode.

"I really encourage you to watch this coming Sunday's episode," she posted. "You will see what she really thinks about Will. And bring tissues."

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