Julian Castro Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says She Has Broad Appeal


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Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Speaking at a Latinos for Hillary event in San Antonio, Castro said that Clinton had broad appeal.

"Having watched and respected for years now Secretary Clinton, I know that she appeals to Americans of all backgrounds and colors, different perspectives and walks of life," Castro said.

Castro was the mayor of San Antonio before taking the job in Washington.

Clinton thanked Castro for the endorsement on Twitter, in Spanish.

Clinton even said that she was "going to look hard" at Castro when picking a running mate.

Castro is the second Obama cabinet member to endorse Clinton. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack endorsed her earlier this year. He's also the second Castro to stump for Hillary - his congressman brother Joaquin is in the Hillary camp.

Castro made this announcement while there are still talks of Vice President Joe Biden entering the race late.

"I believe that he would also make a fantastic president," Castro said of Biden on MSNBC. "My support of Secretary Clinton is based on a long relationship that Joaquin and I have had with her as well as with former President Clinton."