Julia Stiles To Return For "Bourne 5", Says She Was Supposed To Die In The First Movie

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Julia Stiles has confirmed that she will be reprising her role as Nicki Parsons for the next installment in the Bourne Identity franchise.

The movie, which is being called Bourne 5 for now, already has Matt Damon on board.

Julia Stiles will again be working with Paul Greengrass, who is writing the screenplay with Christopher Rouse. Frank Marshall will produce alongside Jeffrey Weiner.

It's great for Julia Stiles to be able to come back for the fifth Bourne movie, especially since she recently revealed that she was supposed to die in the first one!

Julia Stiles said, “I was really lucky. Originally I was going to be killed in the first film. I was flipped up against a wall and my neck snapped, but they cut it together in a different way so I survived, which was lucky for me.”

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Julia Stiles has also been busy with other projects of late.

She will also be seen in Beyond Deceit with Al Pacino and Go With Me with Anthony Hopkins.

Julia Stiles has recently found some excitement in working on a new supernatural film set in South America called Out of the Dark.

Julia Stiles revealed that, among other benefits, she got to practice her Spanish.

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She said, “I nearly minored in Latin American Studies at college. I speak Spanish and part of the allure of going to Colombia was to be able to work in Spanish."

She added, "The director would direct me in Spanish and I’d sometimes translate for the English-speaking actors.”

Are you excited to see Matt Damon and Julia Stiles in the latest Bourne film?

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