Julia Roberts and Husband Danny Moder in Therapy?

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Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder are reportedly attending couples therapy. Fans needn't worry, however. The Pretty Woman star and her cameraman hubby aren't headed to divorce court.

“The marriage is not in trouble,” a family member said during a recent interview. "But the second Julia noticed they were growing apart, she warned Danny that divorce was not an option.”

Julia Roberts and her costar Richard Gere have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman this month, and when she read a report that said her marriage was headed for divorce, she considered all the time she was spending away promoting the anniversary. As soon as she returned home she set up counseling sessions.

“They don’t want that spark between them to fade, and the counseling sessions are more of an intentional meeting so they don’t grow apart,” the source explained. “Now they have a committed time and day where they show up at their therapist’s office and talk. It’s often the only time all week that they’re together alone.”

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are the parents of three children. Twins Hazel and Phinnaeus are 10, and Henry is seven. Between their careers and their kids, they--like so many couples--often feel like they're drifting apart.

Roberts did something big for their marriage--in addition to scheduling couples counseling--when she agreed to star in an upcoming film called The Secret in Their Eyes. She convinced Danny Moder to sign on as cinematographer--and he agreed. That means Julia Roberts will get to be on set and spend time with her husband, too.

Are you impressed with how Julia Roberts refuses to allow her 12 year marriage to grow stale? If the two are in fact talking with a counselor and making plans to spend scheduled time communicating, then she has taken steps neither of them will ever regret.

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