Judge Judy-Survey Reveals 'Alarmingly Ignorant' Responses From College Students

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Judge Judy – also known as Judy Sheindlin – the irrepressible legal TV icon, has become so popular among college graduates that they actually think she is a Supreme Court justice.

Almost 10 percent of 1,000 college graduates surveyed believe that Sheindlin holds a position in the highest federal court of the United States.

However, Judge Judy is actually an American attorney who plays the role of a judge in a court show that features small lawsuits being tried in a courtroom.

The survey was conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni back in 2015 but was released in January. They included in a statement that their survey revealed a “crisis in American civic education.”

In addition, the group also pointed out that recent graduates are “alarmingly ignorant” of some very important information such as America’s heritage and history.

Aside from facts about the identity of Judge Judy, the respondents were also asked some details about American politics and the Constitution.

The survey said that about 28 percent of respondents were correct when they chose James Madison as the father of the Constitution, while 59 percent picked Thomas Jefferson, when in fact he was the one who penned the Declaration of Independence.

The results of the survey also revealed that 60 percent of the graduates did not know any requirements in order to ratify an amendment in the Constitution. Meanwhile, 40 percent of the respondents also did not know that aside from the President, Congress can declare war as well.

The report also explains why student groups are claiming that the government can ban freedom of speech if the message being conveyed is offensive to minority groups.

The ACTA also proposed a possible solution to the problem.

“Instead of demanding content-based coursework, our institutions have, in too many places, supplanted the rigorous study of history and government — the building blocks of civic engagement — with community-service activities,” they said in a statement.

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