Joy Behar, Michelle Collins Cause Controversy for 'The View' by Berating Miss Colorado, Advertisers Pulling Out

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Joy Behar and her cohost Michelle Collins caused a huge controversy for The View when they poked berated Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson's choice of talent performance in the Miss America Pageant. Johnson came on stage wearing scrubs, with a stethoscope around her neck, explaining that her passion for nursing is her talent. Joy Behar and Michelle Collins used both sarcasm and blatantly stupid remarks in poking fun of her performance.

“Shockingly (she) did not win,” Michelle Collins said sarcastically.

"Why does she have a doctor's stethoscope on?" Joy Behar asked, a strong note of disdain in her question.

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins have apologized for their remarks on air, but it doesn't seem like that was enough. Even though the American Nurses Association has accepted the apology,advertisers are now pulling out of the popular daytime talk show.

So far, Eggland's Best and Johnson & Johnson have pulled their ads from The View.

“Johnson & Johnson values and appreciates nurses and we respect the critical role they play in our health care system,” the company said in a statement Thursday. “We disagree with recent comments on daytime television about the nursing profession and we have paused our advertising accordingly.”

Eggland’s Best followed, adding “in light of the comments...we will no longer be advertising on the show in question.”

It's uncertain how much these withdrawals of advertising will cost ABC or its affiliates. Some say ad buys are in the millions of dollars.

Do you think producers of The View should take serious action against Michelle Collins and Joy Behar? Should they be fired from The View?

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