Journalist Risks Life To Tweet About Taliban Attack

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The life of a foreign journalist can be a little tough sometimes. Not every country has the freedom of press rights that we have here in the United States. It can be even tougher to be a journalist in a war torn country like Afghanistan. So when you get an extremely brave one who runs to the action to cover it on Twitter, it becomes a big deal.

Mustafa Kazemi is a Kabul based journalist who does just that and he is becoming somewhat famous for his live tweeting. You can follow him here: @combatjourno. He went into overtime recently when he live tweeted during a Taliban siege on a lakeside hotel near Kabul that lasted for 11 hours.

His tweets started out small about him heading there and eventually moved to the fact that he was laterally ducking for cover because he was being fired at.

A lot of his posts during this time were about bullets flying overhead. Then this one came out grenades landing a little too close for comfort:

One of the great parts about what Mustafa did, is that he continued to do his job and talk to witnesses all while he was being shot at.

The fighting got pretty intense and at one point in time he was convinced that the Taliban that were in the hotel were intentionally aiming at him.

Soon though the fighting ended and what follows is probably a byproduct of living in a war torn country and seeing this stuff all the time. He started to give accounts of the people he saw dead in the hotel after the fighting stopped.

Mustafa had one Tweet of his many that stood out. It goes to show that this man who risks his life to bring us the news, fully expects to die because of it. Must be a hard job that I'm not sure I could ever do....