Josh Gordon Tattoo: Number 12 Shows Off Elaborate Ink Job On Instagram

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Josh Gordon is no stranger to tattoos, but the recent additions to his skin art tops everything he previously had. The Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver has been working on back tattoo design for quite some time, and on Monday he visited his artist for another session to add more detail to the piece.

Gordon, Number 12 for the Browns, first posted a photo of himself being inked on February 9 on Instagram. It showed him sitting in the bathroom with headphones on while a tattoo artist worked on his left side. The following day, followers got their first glimpse of his back tattoo. The Instagram photo showed him with his back turned toward the camera, giving viewers a good look at the tattoo in progress.

The design showed Gordon’s jersey number, his last name, and a koi fish swimming upward by his left shoulder blade. Only the koi and the first three letters of his last name were done. If you take the koi out of the picture, it would look like Gordon’s ready to play wearing only his pants. He captioned the photo “A representation of yourself. It’s a lifestyle.”

On February 13, Gordon updated his Instagram followers of the progress of the enormous tattoo on his back. The uploaded photo showed him seated and wearing a brown camouflage cap and red headphones as the gloved hands of the tattoo artist worked on the last three letters of his name. It also showed the outline of a geisha demurely hiding her face behind a fan.

Gordon must have let his back heal for a while; the next update was posted on March 18, and showed the geisha’s fan getting details. In another photo posted later that day, he shows off the finished product. Aside from the koi and geisha, the other elements that can be seen are what seem to be marijuana leaves, and a Buddha head in quiet contemplation.

Gordon captioned this last photo with “We just goin keep going til I run outta space..” True enough, for it shows his tattoo artist working on his right shoulder. His back piece is truly a work of art, but for the sake of his tattoo, here’s to hoping he gets to wear the same number if ever he makes the switch to another team.

The Browns have a weapon

Image via Josh Gordon, Instagram

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