Josh Duggar: Former '19 Kids and Counting' Family Not Sure What to Think in Wake of Ashley Madison Scandal

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Josh Duggar has floored his family once again. The former 19 Kids and Counting star sexually molested five underage girls as a teen--four of whom are his own sisters--and his family forgave him. Now that word has hit of his two Ashley Madison accounts, and Josh Duggar has admitted to an addiction to pornography as well as to cheating on wife Anna Duggar, his family doesn't quite know what to think.

A source close to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tells People magazine that the family was completely blindsided by this latest Josh Duggar scandal.

"We're all hunkered down over here. It's just a mess, it's a whole mess. We don't even know what the truth is anymore. It's insane," the source explains.

A second source says Josh Duggar is a mess, too.

"I would assume he feels like his life is ruined," the source says. "It will be such a steep and practically impossible climb to come back from this."

One of the sources says any time Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has been seen publicly with Josh Duggar since word of the sexual molestation scandal first made news that "a story gets made out of it that rehashes the whole mess. Maintaining some distance is as much for his own good as it is for theirs."

Josh Duggar admitted to being a hypocrite shortly after word of his Ashley Madison accounts made news. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar issued a statement saying they were praying--not only for Josh, but for his wife Anna Duggar, too.

"It's like he's a completely different person from who they thought he was," a source says. "They're still trying to reconcile all that they know is good about Josh, whom they will always love and adore, with what they've learned now."

That can't be easy for any parent to do. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will have to search deep to find forgiveness for Josh Duggar this time. So will Anna Duggar.

Do you think Josh will once again find forgiveness from his family members?

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