Josh Duggar Civil Suit: What This Means for Him and '19 Kids and Counting' Family

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Josh Duggar may soon be sued in a civil case stemming from his sexual molestations from several years ago. The person who may sue the eldest of the 19 Duggar siblings is the fifth of his five underage victims--four of whom are his sisters. Victim number five was a babysitter at the 19 Kids and Counting household at the time the molestations took place.

The babysitter reportedly stayed quiet for all these years, and her sexual molestation took place in the same way sisters Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald's did--meaning they were asleep at the time. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar told the babysitter and her family at the time they learned about the molestations.

Fox News reports that the statute of limitations has passed, so Josh Duggar cannot be prosecuted for his crimes. They do believe there's a chance that the babysitter could be awarded some money if she does in fact choose to sue Josh Duggar.

Right now, allegations say only Josh Duggar will be named if there is a civil suit. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar--and the way they handled the situation, reportedly won't be named in the potential lawsuit.

Josh Duggar is, of course, the reason behind TLC's cancellation of the Duggar family's reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. He is also a new father for the fourth time. Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed daughter Meredith Grace Duggar into their world a week ago.

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No one would willingly walk in Josh Duggar's shoes right now. The young man who once had such a bright future is now unemployed--and possibly even unemployable. He has four children to care for. The most lucrative means of income his family had is gone.

Do you expect this former babysitter will actually open herself up to the scandal that will ensue if she does in fact sue Josh Duggar for the crime he committed when he was a teen?

And if so, do you think she will win?

How will Josh Duggar pay if ordered by a court to forward such damages to his as-yet unnamed victim?

Will that fall on parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar if Josh has no income?

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