Josh Duggar: Anna Duggar's Family Staging Intervention, Wants Her to Leave Former '19 Kids and Counting' Star

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Josh Duggar might finally get what's coming to him. A new report says Anna Duggar's family is planning to stage an intervention in their attempt to urge her to divorce her husband and father of her four children.

The eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children has made more than his share of news since this past spring. First the media learned he had sexually molested five underage girls--four of whom are his own sisters--when he was a teenager. Anna Duggar and her family were aware of this, however. Josh Duggar explained his past to Anna and her parents before they got married.

Later in the summer, however, Josh Duggar was outed during the Ashley Madison website hack. It seems the devout Christian had not just one, but two accounts on the cheater's website. Following the website hack, Josh came clean to Anna Duggar, admitting he had an addiction to pornography and that he had cheated on her, too. Anna Duggar was pregnant with their fourth child at the time of Josh's most recent cheating incident.

Anna Duggar is said to be staying with her parents in Florida. She packed up her children and left the Arkansas home they shared with the former 19 Kids and Counting star in recent days.

Josh Duggar is in a treatment facility in Illinois, where he is seeking counseling for his "sexual sins."

Hollywood Life reports that while Anna is in Florida, her siblings are hoping to convince her to leave Josh for good.

“Daniel is leading the charge to get Anna out of her dysfunctional marriage and away from her cheating husband,” a source says “He has rallied a couple of their sisters and brothers to take this opportunity to talk some sense into Anna. They know when she’s at home surrounded by the Duggars and their friends, Anna will never listen to them. But Daniel and the others are hoping that getting her away from the Duggar clan will help. They want to stage a family meeting or divorce intervention and really tell Anna how they feel.”

Anna Duggar's brother Daniel posted a rant to his Facebook page back in August, expressing his anger over what Josh Duggar has put his sister through. He even went so far as to refer to Josh as a "pig."

Anna's family feels if they confront her while she is out of reach of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar--back in Arkansas--that they will have better luck in convincing her to divorce Josh.

Do you think Anna will listen to her siblings about their feelings about Josh Duggar?

Is Josh Duggar about to get at least some of what he has coming to him?

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