Joseph Gordon-Levitt Secretly Tied the Knot With Girlfriend Tasha McCauley, Rep Confirms

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has secretly tied the knot with girlfriend Tasha McCauley.

People magazine broke the news late New Year's Eve that the Dark Knight Rises actor married McCauley on Dec. 20 in a private ceremony at home.

A rep for the actor later confirmed the union to the Los Angeles Times.

Although the 33-year-old confessed in 2013 that he was in a relationship, he has kept any details about her or their relationship on the down-low.

"I have a girlfriend but I tend not to really like to talk about it in public," he admitted during a September 2013 appearance on The Howard Stern Show. "She is not in show business."

McCauley is cofounder and chief executive of the Silicon Valley-based robotics company Fellow Robots, according to People.

"The girl that I'm with, she really doesn't want to be a part of it and you can imagine not wanting to have that kind of scrutiny," he added, refusing to provide any more details of their relationship or her identity.

The Inception star did, however, give a few insights into his thoughts on marriage during the Howard Stern interview.

"I think that I could partner up with somebody -- I don't know who that somebody is -- I could partner up with a woman and commit to we're going to raise a family and that's a project we're going to commit to for 20-something years," he said.

The actor-director said he was capable of fidelity in the early years of a marriage, but conceded that things might change after the kids are grown.

"I like to not be too committed to any one future that's really far away, necessarily, unless there's a reason, which is why I'm saying if you're gonna raise a family ... I can make that commitment."

Pam Wright