Jordin Sparks On Returning As "American Idol" Mentor

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Jordin Sparks and several other American Idol alumni returned to the show this week to mentor and sing with the new contestants on the 15th and last season.

Along with Jordin Sparks, Constantine Maroulis, Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler also joined in the fun as they got to know and mentor the newest contestants.

Jordin Sparks worked with Manny Torres and Trent Harmon.

Jordin Sparks said of her mentees, "They sing amazingly well. But we can tweak how they are conveying emotion or how long they hold a note or if they are holding back."

Jordin Sparks was excited that the two of them were going to be singing her hit single "No Air" and the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody", which Jordin herself performed in her Idol days.

She said, "It's crazy to be dissecting things that I did. Now I have to tell somebody else how I looked at it and ask them what it means to them."

She added, "That's why music is so amazing, because the experience is so different. You're listening to the same song but the person sitting next to you is having a completely different experience than you are."

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It looked like Jordin Sparks and the other mentors/former contestants had a blast getting to know the new contestants and reuniting with Idol staff.

How do you think Jordin Sparks did as a mentor?

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