Jordana Brewster Talks About Missing Paul Walker


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When actor Paul Walker died in a car crash in November of last year, throngs of people, including his Fast & Furious co-stars, spoke about how much they'll miss him.

Especially since it'll be the first time that everyone works together without him, which is bound to be extremely painful.

Jordana Brewster, who plays the role of Mia Toretto in the film series, spoke about how difficult it's going to be for her and the rest of the cast to start filming again, since all of them have worked with Walker for such a long time.

However, the dark haired actress, who also plays on the television series Dallas, says it's important for her to begin filming Fast & Furious again, since that's one of the best ways she knows how to pay homage to Walker.

"I'm sure it will be very bittersweet," said Brewster, when she sat down for an interview at a Marie Claire Fresh Faces event. "We all just want to honor Paul going back."

The reason Brewster says she'll have mixed emotions is because she's excited about reuniting with her Fast & Furious cast mates, since it's one of the only times they get to see each other. But going to the set will also be a harsh reminder that their longtime friend and colleague's life was cut so short.

Additionally, the Panama native said she's thankful for the time she had with Walker since she had the unique privilege of seeing him grow from a young eager actor to a loving and altruistic man.

"I just remember seeing this stud walk in the room and he had this bleached out hair," Brewster recalled.

"I met him as a baby and I saw him grow into an awesome, amazing, charitable man....It's not often you get to work with someone for so many years and he was so exemplary in the way he lived. He was more beautiful inside than out."

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