Jordana Brewster Proud Of Tribute To Paul Walker By 'Fast And Furious' Crew

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Jordana Brewster is proud of the way Fast and Furious 7 paid tribute to Paul Walker.

It’s been more than a year since the accident that took Paul Walker's life, but his Furious co-stars are still coming to grips with the tragedy. “We’ve been a family since 1999 and are fortunate to have one another; it’s what is getting us through this,” the actress explained on how they cope.

Brewster played the late actor’s love interest in the car racing franchise and with the release of Furious 7, talked a little about her feelings.

“He was the most amazing person, and I’m constantly reminded that he is not here,” she admitted in an interview in Bella New York. “It’s very strange and so completely wrong,” she added.

She opened up some more about her co-star, saying “Paul was so genuine and authentic and real and I felt so comfortable around him.”

Paul Walker’s sudden death in 2013 halted production and the stars took a hiatus. Brewster talked about how crucial that break was after that tragedy.

“There was no way in hell we could have shot right after it,” she confessed. “I’m really glad that everyone took that break and I feel like it was necessary because I don’t think anyone knew how we were going to move forward.”

The movie was eventually finished and it became its biggest production so far, as well as a poignant tribute to a man who was an essential part of Fast and Furious. Brewster agrees as well.

“I think it’s a fitting tribute and I think his fans are going to be happy and I’m really glad that people get to see the last thing he did because he’s really good in it,” she happily exclaims.

The Furious 7 stars were out in full force during the premier, with Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez opting to forego their character’s more casual looks for sophisticated silhouettes. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson also cut fine figures on the red carpet, while taking time to speak out and honor their friend and co-star.

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