Jonah Hill on '22 Jump Street': "We Just Got Lucky"

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Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are more than costars in their new film 22 Jump Street - they're real life bros. "I think we got lucky," Jonah says when talking about both the on-screen and off-screen chemistry with Channing. "We knew we would get along, but also the way we interact is luckily funny. It makes us laugh. I think it makes other people enjoy watching us hang out."

"It's great. It's like just hanging out with friends," Channing said at the 22 Jump Street premiere at Regency Village Theatre. Jonah added: " I'm just here to hang out and be this guy's wingman."

Jonah and Channing reprise their roles as undercover cops Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt in the sequel to 2012's massively popular 21 Jump Street, a film adaptation of the 1987 TV series. The film opened this weekend with early Thursday night shows, beating out How To Train Your Dragon with $5.5 million on opening night. Jump Street even beat out the summer's biggest comedy, Neighbors, which took home $2.3 million in first night sales.

Jonah's weekend seems to be looking brighter after dealing with a scandal in which Jonah was caught calling a paparazzo a gay slur. "It's been the most painful week of my life," Hill says when talking about the incident. "I'm someone who beats themselves up for their mistakes in life. I don't want to keep giving a watered down apology, but there is a silver lining to it if people who are young and fans of mine hear me say, "Use me as an example of what not to do."

22 Jump Street is in theaters now.

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