Jon Voight Praises New Generation Of Actors

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Whether it's in the music world or acting world, sometimes certain veterans will speak negatively about younger artists. For example, many musicians from the past bellyache about music not being good today and how many of the singers and songwriters stink.

But sometimes older artists openly praise the younger ones, and some even go out of their way to say really nice things.

Recently, that was the case with legendary actor Jon Voight, who said some very kind words about Matthew McConaughey and his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Voight said that McConaughey was the real deal when it comes to his craft and he pulls no punches in front of the camera.

"Matthew has a wonderful, explosive way about him," said Voight. "He's passionate, and he goes for it. He doesn't edit. It makes his work very pure and beautiful too."

Additionally, Voight said he loved McConaughey's Oscar speech, especially his reference to God. Voight said he really admired the Oscar winner bringing spirituality into his speech, because folks don't usually do that at the Oscars. "I admired his speech," said Voight. "Matthew mentioned God, which is a no-no at the Oscars, but he did it with great dignity."

Voight, who's now 75 years of age, won an Oscar back in 1978 for playing Luke Martin in the film Coming Home, and he said this year's Oscars honored some really talented people who are devoted to their craft, and Jared Leto is one of them, he said.

The actor also said that he sees a lot of himself in Leto, and feels the Oscar voting committee got things right this year.

"Jared is a like minded soul for me," said the legendary actor. "He's a great actor. I'm so glad he won. I'm impressed with these guys. God bless them. This is a wonderful evening because of it."

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