Jon Stewart Satirizes KONY 2012 Video

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KONY 2012 is one of the most talked about videos on YouTube, reaching over 75 million views after being uploaded only 8 days ago. The video tugs at the heartstrings, while exposing the barbarism of Ugandan guerilla leader Joseph Kony. If you are tired of hearing about it on Facebook or Twitter, join the club. Then watch Jon Stewart roast the creators and the media's reaction to the viral video phenomena:

Complete with the graphic "My little Kony", Stewart starts off by poking fun at celebrities Rihanna (RiRi), Seacrest and Bieber for their Tweets about the video. He then ridicules the media, showing clips of reporters over and over stating that they have been trying to cover Kony for a long time without getting anywhere near this kind of attention. The clips border on whining from Today's Ann Curry, CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC News' Jake Tapper.

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this is not a joke. this is serious. TOGETHER we can #MakeAChange and #STOPKONY - help another kid in need! - 5 days ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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